TGR Rally Challenge in Takaoka Manyo(Toyama)

This is Imai a member of our team.
We are now preparing to join the Monte-carlo rally.
We finally got the chance to join the first rally 'TGR Rally Challenge in Manyo' with TOYOTA TE27 Levin. This was nice running test for us because we learned a lot about rally assistance. let's report it !

What's the TGR rally Challenge?

The TGR rally Challenge is a rally race which is held by TOYOTA Gazoo Racing. This is held 12 rounds a year. And, I was surprised that anyone can enjoy the game even if you are a beginner or an expert. The audience for the race has also enjoyed the powerful race.

Actually, This event is not just a rally race, but this also had 'TOYOTA GAZOO Racing PARK'. In this park, you can enjoy attractions, beautiful experience, foods... Anyway, this place is worth coming for everyone!

We were on the road for Toyama !

To prepare the Sunday's race, We have begun to go to Toyama on Saturday morning from our campus in Tokyo.

(picture) Levin and Lancer are on the loading car.
Right after arriving at Toyama, we had visited Netz TOYOTA Toyama and they allowed us to use TGR garage. (Before this, we visited Netz TOYOTA Toyama under the technical training camp.)

Then, we went to the venue of the race to practice supporting.
When we were entered the venue, many cars had already gathered. I seemed all cars must be fast!


We had dinner with the crews of Levin. Then, we did night work :,-(.


The time for racing !

The race had been started with the audience enthusiasm.


In the rally park, people can see the cars running on Special Stage(No speed limit zone) and heard the roar of the racing car, so everybody had been excited. Levin might be the oldest car in this race, so people paid attention to it. They said that 'What's that! it really works?' or 'This is a nostalgic car. I can only laugh.'. I was satisfied with their reactions.


Our leader, Ito, supported Levin. He said...
This is the first experience to support rally car in the race. Thanks to helping by someone, we managed to work. Though, I got some points which must be modified by the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique. I also got advice by the driver and the persons concerned. Thanks to this nice chance.
We have to prepare about many things......



The rally park is the amusement facility to enjoy more the rally as an exciting event. That was very busy because there were watching stands for Special Stage and other events about cars.
Some of us work on the exhibition stage of cars. We exhibited Lancer(Mitsubishi).

ランサーには終始人だかりができていました。 「懐かしい!」「かっこいい」とおっしゃる方が多かったと思います。


We collected the donation for our activity, Thank you for people who supported us!
Next to Mitsubishi, Motorcar Museum of Japan(in Toyama) exhibited 4 wheel primitive car which is one of the oldest cars in the world.
Surprisingly, this can work.
We felt the history of cars with such old cars.

You can enjoy exhibition because there are also showing police car and ladder car, and almost can enter and sit on the driving seat.
I think the most incredible experience was Rally Experience.
You could experience the real spectacles of drift or super driving in the TOYOTA 86 controlled by professional drivers.
That must have enjoyed anyone, so you should challenge it when you find at the Gazoo racing events.

Thanks for the event





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